florencisalesas (florencisalesas) wrote in lostfilms,

Help! In What movie Appear White Mouses and a Piano?

I have a question about a movie I have no idea:

I have a friend who need to know the tittle of a movie he watched it has a lot of time, when he was a kid. The only reference he can give me is that in the movie appeared two guys who - he doesn't remember by which reason -, filled a house with lot of mouses. It seems that all the animals went up and down by all the house and even inside a piano (the piano scene is what he remembers the best). He saysalso  he is nearly sure the guys weren't Laurel & Hardy. He is not sure even if it is a silent movie or an early talkie. He don't knows if it is a short of a long movie either. I know I don't give you very much information really. Not that bad as a challenge, eh?

I had several thoughts: There are mice in a Charley Bowers movie and I remember something with mouses in a Max Linder short but I have to admit I have a mess in my memory now.

Thank you very much for any information you can give me.
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