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Raymond Griffith

Hi there, welcome to my on-topic introductory post.

Raymond Griffith (1895 - 1957) was the comedic fop whose rise began at the time of Max Linder's demise, and ebb preceded William Powell's prominence in the 1930s. He entered pictures in 1915, and later worked as a gagwriter and assistant director for Mack Sennett.

Raymond Griffith in top hat

Walter Kerr, author of The Silent Clowns has written of Griffith:
"Raymond Griffith seems to me to occupy a handsome fifth place -- after Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd, and Langdon -- in the silent comedy pantheon, a place this is his by right of his refusal to ape his contemporaries and his insistence on following the devious curve of an entirely idiosyncratic eye."

Some links to Griffith Web pages: - EncycloComedia featurefolder/raymondgriffithbio.html - Silents are Golden

Wedding Bill$ (1927, Paramount) and Time to Love (1927, Paramount) were Griffith's last starring roles for Paramount. Both of these are lost films. He quit acting in 1930, after his appearance in "All Quiet on the Western Front," and became an associate producer.

I have three Griffith films: "Hands Up!", "Paths to Paradise" and "The Night Club."
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